“Barbara Huson is one of the most amazing women I have ever worked with. She helps you to slowly and methodically unpack what is stopping you moving forward. She is diligent, determined and dedicated to your success. She also made me do some of the hardest work on myself that I have ever done. I cannot recommend spending time with her highly enough.” ~~Geeta Sidhu-Robb  

Barbara Huson

Only 2 openings each month for women deeply committed to achieving Affluence with Influence

The VIP Intensive is a deep immersion into achieving Greatness. It’s your chance to work with me privately and confidently in person. I’ll empower you to increase your wealth, transform your life, and leave your legacy in ways that work for YOU. I’ll coach you through any blocks, resistance, or confusion you may have.

This program is by application only. Click below to schedule a consultation.  

reWIRE VIP Program includes:  

  • 3 one-hour private coaching calls with me to prepare for your VIP Day
  • A Special Orientation Call introducing the reWIRE concepts
  • Daylong intensive, in-person coaching with me  
  • 1-hour follow-up coaching call after your VIP Day
  • We meet at my home in Port Townsend, WA. situated on 10 forested acres of sacred Indian burial ground.
  • 2 days lodging in my private guest house with a water view, full kitchen, living room, bedroom & bath 
  • Access to hot tub, steam room & labyrinth 
  • Deep immersion into the 5 Key Components of Wealth Building: Neuroscience, Psychology, Spirituality, Neuroplasticity, and Personal Finance

“Upon embarking on my adventure to Washington, I did not know what to expect. I found, as hoped, grace and dignity in Barbara’s wisdom and experience. Her open nature in sharing her own challenges and successes was comforting, thought provoking and inspiring. And her ability to challenge the worn grooves and patterns was breathtaking and illuminating. Thank you for your guidance and clarity of purpose. I’m eternally grateful.” ~~ Susannah Kavanaugh

Susannah Kavanaugh

In the VIP Intensive you will:

  • Achieve goals that have seemed out of reach
  • Break through internal barriers and stubborn resistance
  • Assemble a team of trusted financial experts
  • Understand how to create a customized investment plan with an advisor 
  • Learn to minimize risk & maximize gain (in markets & in life)
  • Gain confidence in discussing finances (with your partner/spouse/parents/children) 

Apply for the VIP Intensive if...

  • You deeply desire to make a difference, even if you're not clear on your purpose.
  • Your income exceeds your needs.
  • You want to invest but need more confidence, knowledge or support.
  • You want someone to hold you accountable.
  • You are passionate about self-exploration, personal development, spiritual growth and financial education.
  • You are enthusiastic about increasing your net-worth while leaving a legacy 
  • You are courageous enough to dive in deep, retrain your mind & literally rewire your brain 
Joyce Griggs

My 1:1 day with Barbara Huson was a magical and grounding time. I came away with clarity of my purpose—something I have sought after for a long time; a clear sense and concrete list of the essential elements for designing my professional life and some very exciting next steps. 

The old story has lost so much of its power and my ability to recognize it and choose to go in another direction is sublime. Barbara is an amazing guide and the experience of being with her and in her home-base for a couple of days was a powerful experience to give myself. Highly, highly recommend.  

View from Guest House

The mountains came into view my last morning. A fitting tribute to the clarity of vision revealed during my time in Port Townsend.  

 ~~Joyce Griggs

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This program is by application only.