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In this online, self-paced course I will teach you how to go from being a Consumer to becoming a Savvy Wealth Builder. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have enough money to think about building wealth,” I want you to hear this—You don’t need a lot of money to start.

What you DO need is the mindset and habits of a Wealth Builder. I’ve designed this course to help you create that mindset and build those habits.

Here’s what you’ll find inside

Becoming a Savvy Wealth Builder

11 Lesson Modules + Handouts: 20-30 minutes of content in each module

Finding a Financial Advisor You Can Trust: my ebook on how to find a financial advisor you can work with

Bonus Pep Talk to listen to when you find yourself falling behind

So You’ve Made Good Money—Now What? my Wealth Building ebook for successful women

Recorded Interviews with Financial Experts in different fields

6 months access to The Wealth Connection: including twice monthly live Zoom coaching calls with me, a private Facebook group, quarterly financial expert calls and Barbara’s Book Club discussions PLUS Ask the Bookkeeper

Wealth Building 101 Webinar:
Everything you need to know about investing made simple…very, very simple

I promise, Becoming a Savvy Wealth Builder, will break down the confusing world of finance into simple steps which you’ll take one step at a time until you are a comfortable, confident, informed wealth builder. You’ll learn to make financial decisions from a place of knowledge, not fear, ignorance or habit.

Here are the steps you’ll take in

Becoming a Savvy Wealth Builder

  1. Commit to doing whatever it takes to become a Savvy Wealth Builder.

  2. Educate—you’ll learn why investing is important, the basics of investing and how to minimize risk.

  3. Work with Resistance—You’ll learn what resistance is, understand why it occurs and identify strategies to overcome resistance.

  4. Track—This step will take you out of vagueness around your money.

  5. Clarity—To become a Savvy Wealth Builder you must clear away any confusion about your financial situation.

  6. Plan—create a strategy you’ll follow to make sure you’re investing wisely, not willy-nilly.

  7. Automate—You’ll learn about automatic investing, why automation is good and how to automate even if you have an irregular income.

  8. Monitor—Once your plan is in place, the process of monitoring your portfolio begins.

  9. Give Powerfully—When you have more money than you need, that’s wealth. When you use your money to make a difference, that’s power.

  10. Celebrate! No matter what level you’re at, getting smart or smarter about money never ends. Never. That’s what makes the subject so fascinating. So celebrate what you’ve learned and keep learning.

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