Money Coaching with Sheryl

Sheryl, a certified financial recovery coach, teaches you the skills you need to manage your money so you can achieve your goals. You'll learn to get out of debt, stick to a budget, and save more... without going into deprivation!

Identify Your Goals

Create a Budget

Eliminate Debt

  • Money Coaching: $300 per session
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Sheryl Kosovski is a certified Financial Recovery Counselor and Business Coach. She specializes in working with those who love what they do but aren’t confident about their business or financial skills.

Sheryl teaches her clients how to get and stay out of debt, save, plan for their spending, attract more clients, make more money and create lasting financial security without depriving themselves in the process.  


Sheryl has been a coach for 11 years and has been a professor of entrepreneurship at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. Her first career was as a visual artist. She still makes time for working on her artwork but her passion is helping others have the money to realize their dreams.

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