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retrain your mind~rewire your brain~increase your confidence~easily Create Wealth & Well-Being 

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Barbara Huson

“Barbara Huson is one of the most amazing women I have ever worked with. She helps you to slowly and methodically unpack what is stopping you moving forward. She is diligent, determined and dedicated to your success. She also made me do some of the hardest work on myself that I have ever done. I cannot recommend spending time with her highly enough.” ~~Geeta Sidhu-Robb  

Let me tell you more about ReWiring your brain for Wealth & Well-Being. Listen to my recent call: Rewire for Wealth

 My ReWIRE Mentorship Program is guaranteed to be a life changing experience because:  

  • Difficulties with money are never about the money.  
  • Whatever is going on with money is going on in other areas of your life as well.  
  • When you take charge of your money, you take charge of your life. 

I truly believe that people come into your life at just the right moment, and for a reason. I’m so grateful that you came into mine. You have that wonderful gift of being able to believe in someone before they believe in themselves. During your Rewire program, wonderfully positive things, life-changing ideas, have come out of my mouth, but only because you’ve created a warm, safe space—a space without limits. Your ability to listen, and ask that one question that gets to the heart of the matter, has given me the courage to finally put into action a plan to build a career and financial security that will make my heart sing. ~~Alisa Judy

Membership in this 5 month program includes:

  • Monthly private coaching calls 
  • Monthly group coaching calls 
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Membership in The Wealth Connection for the duration of this program (Click here for benefits)
  • Support, accountability, and deep connection with a small elite group of remarkable women 
  • Deep immersion into the 4 Key Components of Wealth Building: Neuroscience, Psychology, Spirituality, & Personal Finance 
  • Clarity on achieving Affluence with Influence 
  • Tools to make confident financial decisions & make a difference in the world 
  • Access to hand-selected, top-notch financial experts from my personal rolodex (including a Financial Planner, Financial Advisor, Accountant, & Estate Attorney  
  • 3 extra 9-1-1 private calls with me (fondly known as the Meltdown Hotline) 
  • PLUS a Special Orientation Call introducing ReWIRE concepts  

Join the Wait List for the Spring 2021 ReWire Mentorship Program.

You are eligible if you are a woman who is:

  • Purpose driven (You deeply desire to make a difference, even if you’re not clear on your purpose). 
  • Financially stable (You have steady income which you’ve earned, inherited and/or married). 
  • Able to invest (if not immediately, sometime in the future). 
  • Passionate about self-exploration, personal & spiritual growth, and financial education. 
  • Willing to courageously dive in deep, retrain your mind & literally rewire your brain. 
  • Enthusiastic about increasing your net-worth while leaving a legacy 
  • Committed to shining your light at maximum wattage for utmost impact 

**BONUS for Spring 2020 Only! Two additional private coaching sessions, available immediately PLUS membership in my virtual community, The Wealth Connection. Register by April 17th for Bonus Offer!

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Mary Ann Ball

I am ever grateful to Barbara Huson for opening the doors to a new way of experiencing and thinking that has allowed me to free myself and is bringing so much joy and satisfaction in my life. Barbara is beyond wise and intuitive; she is an incredible communicator, motivator and inspiration. The proliferative effect of Barbara’s rewiring program not only has had a profound effect on my immediate concerns, but I can see the incredible effects these new ways of thinking are having on so many aspects of my life.  

I cannot recommend Barbara Huson enough and remain ever grateful that she has chosen to share her wisdom and guidance with us by pursuing this incredible, much needed work. Barbara Huson has had a transformative, powerful impact on my life! Thank you Barbara!  

With much love and gratitude, Mary Ann Ball (Mary Ann Ball, Esq., General Counsel at a private US Corporation)

Barbara changed my life. She helped me to meet the beautiful, worthy woman I am, my real inner self. I am learning to explore that piece of me that sometimes makes me feel stuck; but most importantly, I am learning to work with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Congruency to make them help me to define and reach my goals.  

Monica Paul

To be an over-earner the inner work is crucial, and with Barbara, I have learned how to drill down deep into my inner world to heal the pain from the past and overcome the distractors that prevent me from focusing on my present tasks. One day, I was asked to write down a list of 10 accomplishments that I considered important; I couldn't find any because my brain could only see obligations. Today that I am in the rewiring process with Barbara, I can proudly talk about more than ten significant accomplishments in my life. I can see my business growing while being richly rewarded. This is bliss. ~~ Monica Paul  

During this program you will:  

  • Achieve goals that have seemed out of reach, even impossible  
  • Breakthrough internal barriers and irrepressible resistance 
  • Become fluent in the language of investing in an easy, enjoyable way 
  • Assemble a team of trusted financial experts  
  • Understand how to create a customized investment plan with an advisor 
  • Learn to minimize risk & maximize gain (in markets & life) 
  • Receive guidance in determining if you have all necessary documents to protect yourself and your family financially  

The ReWIRE Mentorship Program is limited to 30 women.

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